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[debian-users:26698] Helix GNOME での日本語処理について

Helix GNOMEをインストールしてgdmでLanguageでjapanese.eucを
となって出てきたのはgnomeicuで、gnomeicu &としておくと、
Gdk-WARNING **: Missing charsets in FontSet creation
Gdk-WARNING **:     JISX0208.1983-0
Gdk-WARNING **:     JISX0201.1976-0
というエラーが出て、apt-cache searchでその両方のフォントセット
xfonts-intl-japanese-big - International fonts for X -- Japanese big.
xfonts-intl-japanese - International fonts for X -- Japanese.

まだHelix GNOMEでは日本語を完全に扱うことは無理なのでしょうか。


 僕の環境はWoody+kernel2.4.1+XFree863.3.6です。Helix GNOME



☆Hiroyuki Terada☆
Email: buaax100@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

| Status=Not/Installed/Config-files/Unpacked/Failed-config/Half-installed
|/ Err?=(none)/Hold/Reinst-required/X=both-problems (Status,Err: uppercase=bad)
||/ ̾           С     
ii  aalib1         1.2-25         ascii art library
ii  adduser        3.28           Add and remove users and groups to resp. fro
ii  ae             962-26         Anthony's Editor -- a tiny full-screen edito
ii  alien          6.54           Install Red Hat, Stampede, and Slackware Pac
ii  apel           10.3+20010115c A Portable Emacs Library
ii  apmd           3.0final-1     Utilities for Advanced Power Management (APM
ii  apt            0.3.19         Advanced front-end for dpkg
rc  asclock        2.0.11-4       A clock designed with the NeXTStep look
ii  asclock-gtk    2.1.10-2       An X11 desktop clock with theme support
ii  asiya24-vfont  1-6            Japanese Maru Gothic font in Zeit's Syotai C
ii  at             3.1.8-10       Delayed job execution and batch processing
ii  autoconf       2.13-23        automatic configure script builder
ii  automake       1.4-8          A tool for generating GNU Standards-complian
ii  base-config    0.43           Debian base configuration package
ii  base-files     2.2.6          Debian base system miscellaneous files
ii  base-passwd    3.2.0          Debian Base System Password/Group Files
ii  bash           2.03-6         The GNU Bourne Again SHell
ii  bc             1.05a-11       The GNU bc arbitrary precision calculator la
ii  bibindex       2.9-7          Fast lookup in BibTeX bibliography data base
ii  bibtool        2.44-3         A tool for manipulating BibTeX data bases.
ii  biff           0.17.pre200004 a mail notification tool
ii  bin86          0.15.3-1       16-bit assembler and loader
ii  binutils   The GNU assembler, linker and binary utiliti
ii  bison          1.28-5         A parser generator that is compatible with Y
ii  blt            2.4o-1         Shared libraries for blt
ii  blt-common     2.4o-1         Common run-time parts to the BLT libraries
ii  blt-dev        2.4o-1         Development in blt - a tcl/tk extension libr
ii  blt8.0         2.4o-1         Shared libraries for blt (using tk8.0)
ii  bsdmainutils   5.20001028-5   More utilities from FreeBSD.
ii  bsdutils       2.10q-1        Basic utilities from 4.4BSD-Lite.
ii  bug-buddy      1.2-helix1     A graphical bug reporting tool for GNOME
ii  build-essentia 4              Informational list of build-essential packag
ii  bzip2          0.9.5d-2       A high-quality block-sorting file compressor
ii  canna          3.5b2-29       A japanese input system (server and dictiona
ii  canna-utils    3.5b2-29       A japanese input system (utility).
ii  ccmalloc       0.2.3-6        A memory profiler/debugger
ii  cdda2wav       1.9-1          Creates WAV files from audio cd's
ii  cdparanoia     3a9.7-2        An audio extraction tool for sampling CDs.
ii  cdrecord       1.9-1          A command line CD/DVD writing tool
ii  cdrtoaster     1.08-1         Tcl/Tk front-end for burning cdrom.
ii  codecommander  0.9.7-helix1   program editor for GNOME
ii  communicator   4.76-1         Meta package that depends on other packages
ii  communicator-b 4.76-1         Communicator base support for version 4.76
ii  communicator-s 4.76-1         Netscape Communicator 4.76 (static Motif)
rc  console-tools  0.2.3-10.3     Linux console and font utilities.
ii  console-tools- 0.2.3-14       Shared libraries for Linux console and font 
ii  cpio           2.4.2-32       GNU cpio -- a program to manage archives of 
ii  cpp            2.95.2-20      The GNU C preprocessor.
ii  cron           3.0pl1-61      management of regular background processing
ii  dc             1.05a-11       The GNU dc arbitrary precision reverse-polis
ii  ddd            3.2.1-3        The Data Display Debugger, a graphical debug
ii  debconf      Debian configuration management system
rc  debconf-tiny      Tiny subset of debconf for the base system
ii  debhelper      2.2.11         helper programs for debian/rules
ii  debian-policy        Debian Policy Manual and related documents
ii  debian-test    0.0.5          Scripts used to run tests against an install
ii  debianutils    1.14           Miscellaneous utilities specific to Debian.
ii  debmake        3.6.7          Debianizing Tool and automated binary genera
ii  dedit          0.5.11         Editor Tool with Japanese extension for begi
ii  developers-ref 2.8.1          Debian Developer's Reference
ii  devscripts     2.5.17         Scripts to make the life of a Debian Package
ii  dh-make        0.24           Debianizing Tool for debhelper
ii  dia            0.86-helix1    Diagram editor
ii  dialog         0.9a-20000118- Displays user-friendly dialog boxes from she
ii  diff           2.7-22         File comparison utilities
ii  diffstat       1.28-1         produces graph of changes introduced by a di
ii  dnsutils       8.2.3-0.potato Utilities for Querying DNS Servers
ii  doc++          3.3.15-4       A documentation system for C/C++ and Java
ii  doc++-doc      3.3.15-4       Documentation for the doc++ documentation sy
ii  doc-base       0.7.8          Utilities to manage online documentation
ii  doc-debian     2.2.2          Debian Project documentation, Debian FAQ and
ii  doc-linux-ja   1999.12-1      Linux HOWTOs in Japanese
ii  doc-linux-text 2000.09-1      Linux HOWTOs, mini-HOWTOs, and FAQs in ASCII
ii  dpkg           1.7.2          Package maintenance system for Debian
ii  dpkg-dev       1.7.2          Package building tools for Debian
ii  dpkg-ftp       1.6.8          Ftp method for dselect.
ii  dpkg-perl      0.1-5          Perl interface modules for dpkg
ii  dpkg-repack    1.6            puts an unpacked .deb file back together
ii  dpsclient Adobe's Display Postscript Client library
ii  dupload        2.4.1          Utility to upload Debian packages.
ii  dvi2ps         3.0a1-4        TeX DVI-driver for NTT jTeX, MulTeX and ASCI
ii  dvi2ps-fontdat 1.0-5          Font data for dvi2ps-j and dvi2dvi.
ii  dvidvi         1.0-3.1        Manipulate .dvi files.
ii  dvipsk-ja      5.78.1.jp1.4c- DVI-to-PostScript translater with Japanese s
ii  e2fsprogs      1.19-3         The EXT2 file system utilities and libraries
ii  e2ps           4.0-1.6        Convert plain text into PostScript
ii  easypr-lprng   0.30-1.1       Provides easy printing environment with "lpr
ii  eb-doc         2.3.8-1        EB(Electric Book) access library - documents
ii  eb-utils       2.3.8-1        EB(Electric Book) access library - utilities
ii  eblook         1.3-3          Electric-Dictionary search command using EB 
ii  ed             0.2-19         The classic unix line editor
ii  eeyes          0.3.11-5       The Electric Eyes graphics viewer/editor
ii  eject          2.0.2-1        ejects CDs and operates CD-Changers under Li
ii  electric-fence 2.1.3          A malloc(3) debugger
ii  elvis-tiny     1.4-11         Tiny vi compatible editor for the base syste
ii  emacs-dl-canna 1.2+19991112cv Canna DL module for emacs20-dl
ii  emacs20-dl     20.7-5         The GNU Emacs editor. (Dynamic Loading suppo
ii  emacsen-common 1.4.12         Common facilities for all emacsen.
ii  eog            0.3-helix2     Eye of Gnome graphics viewer program
ii  eperl          2.2.14-0.6     Embedded Perl 5 Language
ii  esound         0.2.18-3       Enlightened Sound Daemon - Support binaries
ii  esound-common  0.2.18-3       Enlightened Sound Daemon - Common files
ii  exim           3.12-10        Exim Mailer
ii  fakeroot       0.4.4-4.1      Gives a fake root environment.
ii  fbset          2.1-6          Framebuffer device maintenance program.
ii  fdflush        1.0.1-5        A disk-flushing program.
ii  fdutils        5.3-3          Linux floppy utilities
ii  figfonts-cjk   2.2-4          Chinese-Japanese-Korean fonts for figlet
ii  figlet         2.2-10         Frank, Ian & Glenn's Letters
ii  file           3.28-1         Determines file type using "magic" numbers
ii  file-kanji     1.1-11         kanji code checker
ii  fileutils      4.0.32-2       GNU file management utilities.
ii  findutils      4.1.6-2        utilities for finding files--find, xargs, an
ii  finger         0.16-3         User information lookup program.
ii  flex           2.5.4a-9       A fast lexical analyzer generator.
ii  flim  Library to provide basic features about mess
ii  fnlib-data     0.4-3          Font files needed by Fnlib
ii  freefont       0.10-8         Freeware font selection for X11
ii  freetype2      1.4-0potato2   FreeType 1, The FREE TrueType Font Engine, s
ii  ftp            0.17-4         The FTP client.
ii  ftpd           0.17-2         FTP server
ii  g++            2.95.2-20      The GNU C++ compiler.
ii  gaim-gnome     0.10.3-helix2  GNOME clone of AOL Instant Messenger
ii  gawk-ja        3.0.4-2        GNU awk + multi-byte extension
ii  gcc            2.95.2-20      The GNU C compiler.
ii  gcc-doc        2.95.2-20      Documentation for the GNU compilers (gcc, go
ii  gcd            2.95-helix1    a GTK-based CD player.
ii  gdb            4.18.19990928- The GNU Debugger
ii  gdk-imlib-dev Header files needed for Gdk-Imlib developmen
ii  gdk-imlib1 Gdk-Imlib is an imaging library for use with
ii  gdm            2.0-0.beta4-he GNOME Display Manager
ii  gedit          0.9.4-0.ximian Light-weight text editor
ii  gettext        0.10.35-16     GNU Internationalization utilities
ii  gettext-base   0.10.35-16     GNU Internationalization utilities for the b
ii  gfont          1.0.2-5        Create GIF image rendered with TeX-available
ii  gftp           2.0.6a-3       X/GTK+ FTP client
ii  gimp1.2        1.2.1-0.ximian Developers' release of the GNU Image Manipul
ii  glade-gnome    0.5.11-helix1  A Gtk+/Gnome User Interface Builder
ii  glibc-doc      2.2-6          GNU C Library: Documentation
ii  glutg3         3.7-6          The OpenGL Utility Toolkit.
ii  glutg3-dev     3.7-6          Development library for GLUT.
ii  gmc            4.5.51-helix3  Midnight Commander - A powerful file manager
ii  gnapster       1.4.2-0.ximian GTK client for the Napster online mp3 commun
rc  gnome-admin    1.0.3-2        Gnome Admin Utilities (gulp and logview)
ii  gnome-applets  1.2.4-helix1   Applets for the GNOME Panel
ii  gnome-audio    1.0.0-3        Audio files for Gnome
ii  gnome-bin      1.2.11-ximian. Miscellaneous binaries used by Gnome
ii  gnome-card-gam 1.2.0-helix4   Gnome card games - Solitaire games (FreeCell
ii  gnome-control- 1.2.2-helix2   The Gnome Control Center
ii  gnome-core     1.2.4-helix2   Common files for Gnome core apps
ii  gnome-faq      1.2.8-helix2   Frequently Asked Questions about GNOME
ii  gnome-games    1.2.0-helix4   Empty package that requires the installation
ii  gnome-games-lo 1.2.0-helix4   The locale databases for the gnome-games pac
ii  gnome-gataxx   1.2.0-helix4   This is a GNOME port of the old game ataxx.
ii  gnome-glines   1.2.0-helix4   This is a version of the color lines program
ii  gnome-gnibbles 1.2.0-helix4   A cute little game that has no description
ii  gnome-gnobots2 1.2.0-helix4   Second Gnome version of robots game for BSD 
ii  gnome-gnometri 1.2.0-helix4   A tetris clone.
ii  gnome-gnomine  1.2.0-helix4   Classic find the mines in the minefield game
ii  gnome-gnotrave 1.2.0-helix4   A game based on Tetravex.
ii  gnome-gtali    1.2.0-helix4   Gnome version of Yahtzee Dice Game
ii  gnome-gturing  1.2.0-helix4   Turing game
ii  gnome-gv       0.95-helix3    GNOME PostScript/PDF viewer
ii  gnome-help     1.2.4-helix2   GNOME help browser
ii  gnome-help-dat 1.2.4-helix2   GNOME help browser data
ii  gnome-iagno    1.2.0-helix4   Gnome version of Othello (Reversi) board gam
ii  gnome-iconedit 1.2.0-helix1   Icon editor for the GNOME Desktop Environmen
ii  gnome-libs-dat 1.2.11-ximian. Data for Gnome libraries
ii  gnome-mahjongg 1.2.0-helix4   Classic Chinese Tile Game (from Gnome)
ii  gnome-media    1.2.0-helix2   Gnome Media Utilities (gmix, gtcd)
ii  gnome-panel    1.2.4-helix2   Launch and/or dock Gnome applications
ii  gnome-panel-da 1.2.4-helix2   Data files for GNOME panel
ii  gnome-pim      1.2.0-helix1   Calendar and address book for GNOME.
ii  gnome-pim-cond 1.2.0-helix1   Palm synchronization for calendar and addres
ii  gnome-same-gno 1.2.0-helix4   The "Same Game" puzzle (from Gnome)
ii  gnome-session  1.2.4-helix2   The Gnome Session Manager
ii  gnome-stones   1.2.0-helix4   Stones games
ii  gnome-terminal 1.2.4-helix2   The Gnome terminal emulator application
ii  gnome-users-gu 1.2-2          GNOME User's Guide
ii  gnome-utils    1.2.1-helix3   Gnome Utilities (gtt, ghex, and more)
ii  gnome-xbill    1.2.0-helix4   Fight the infection.
ii  gnomeicu       0.94.1-helix1  Small, fast and functional clone of Mirabili
ii  gnucash        1.4.9-0.ximian A personal finance tracking program.
ii  gnumeric       0.61-0.ximian. GNOME SpreadSheet
ii  gogo           239b-1         <insert up to 60 chars description>
ii  gphoto         0.4.3-helix2   Universal application for digital cameras
ii  gqview         0.7.0e1-1      A simple image viewer using GTK+
ii  grdb           0.2.4-helix1   set X resources of legacy apps based on your
ii  grep           2.4.2-1        GNU grep, egrep and fgrep.
ii  grep-dctrl     1.3a           Grep Debian package information
ii  grep-ja        2.3-2          GNU grep, egrep and fgrep + multi-byte exten
ii  grip           2.95-helix1    a GTK-based cd-player and cd-ripper.
ii  grub        GRand Unified Bootloader
ii  gs             5.10-10.1      Postscript interpreter with X11 and svgalib 
ii  gsfonts        5.10a-2        Fonts for the ghostscript interpreter
ii  gsfonts-x11    0.12           Make Ghostscript fonts available to X11.
ii  gtkfontsel     1.1-3          A gtk+ based font selection utility
ii  gtop           1.0.8-helix3   Graphical TOP variant
ii  guile1.3       1.3.4-helix5   Scheme interpreter, and shared libraries for
ii  guitar         0.1.4-7        A GTK+ archive extraction/viewing tool.
ii  gv             3.5.8-17       A PostScript and PDF viewer for X using 3d A
ii  gzip           1.2.4-33       The GNU compression utility.
ii  hdparm         3.9-1          Tune hard disk parameters for high performan
ii  helix-sweetpil 1.0-helix1     Sweetpill Sawfish themes from Helix Code
ii  hostname       2.07           A utility to set/show the host name or domai
ii  html2ps        1.0b3-1        HTML to PostScript converter
ii  hyperlatex     2.3.1-5        Creating HTML using LaTeX documents.
ii  i18ndata       2.2-6          GNU C Library: National Language (locale) da
ii  iamerican      3.1.20-12      An American English dictionary for ispell.
ii  ibmjava118-jre 1.1.8-4        Java 1.1.8 Linux JRE install package
ii  ibritish       3.1.20-12      A British English dictionary for ispell.
ii  ifupdown       0.6.4-3        High level tools to configure network interf
ii  im             141-2          Internet Message
ii  imlib-base Common files needed by the Imlib/Gdk-Imlib p
ii  imlib-dev Header files needed for Imlib development
ii  imlib-progs Configuration program for Imlib and GDK-Imli
ii  imlib1 Imlib is an imaging library for X and X11
ii  indent         2.2.5-2        C language source code formatting program
ii  info           4.0-5          Standalone GNU Info documentation browser
ii  ipchains       1.3.9-1        Network firewalling for Linux 2.2.x
ii  ipmasqadm      0.4.2-1        Utility for configuring extra masquerading f
ii  isapnptools    1.23-0.3       ISA Plug-And-Play configuration utilities.
ii  ispell         3.1.20-12      International Ispell (an interactive spellin
ii  itcl3.0        3.0.1-4        [Incr Tcl] OOP Extension for TCL - Run-Time 
ii  ja-trans       0.7-5          Japanese gettext message files
ii  jed-common-ja  0.99.10.jp0-wr SLang runtime files for jed and xjed(Japanes
ii  jed-ja         0.99.10.jp0-wr Editor for programmers for Japanese. (textmo
ii  jfbterm        0.3.10-3       Japanized framebuffer terminal with Multilin
ii  jgroff         1.15+ja-3.2    GNU troff text-formatting system (Japanese E
ii  jless          358-iso242-2   A file pager program, similar to more(1) sup
ii  jtex-base      1.8-6          basic jTeX library files.
ii  jtex-bin       1.8-1          Japanese TeX (NTT version) and other japanes
ii  jvim-canna     3.0-2.0-2      Japanized VIM (Canna version)
ii  jvim-doc       3.0-2.0-2      Documentation for Japanized VIM
ii  kcc            2.3-9          Kanji code filter
ii  kernel-headers hiro.1         Header files related to Linux kernel version
ii  kernel-headers hiro.1         Header files related to Linux kernel version
ii  kernel-image-2 hiro.1         Linux kernel binary image for version 2.2.18
ii  kernel-image-2 hiro.1         Linux kernel binary image for version 2.4.1.
ii  kernel-image-2 hiro.1         Linux kernel binary image for version 2.4.1-
ii  kernel-package 7.23           Debian Linux kernel package build scripts.
ii  kinput2-canna  3.0-10         An input server for X11 applications that wa
ii  kinput2-common 3.0-9          Files shared among kinput2 packages
ii  kon2           0.3.9b-10      Kanji ON Console.
ii  konfont        0.1-4          Public domain japanese fonts for KON2.
ii  kterm          6.2.0-19potato Multi-lingual terminal emulator for X.
ii  lacheck        1.26-3         A simple syntax checker for LaTeX.
ii  language-env   0.11           simple configuration tool for native languag
ii  latex2html     99.1-pre2-b6-1 LaTeX to HTML translator.
ii  lclint         2.4b-1         A tool for statically checking C programs.
ii  ldso           1.9.11-9       The Linux dynamic linker, library and utilit
ii  lesstif1       0.89.4-3       OSF/Motif implementation released under LGPL
ii  lha            1.14e-0        lzh archiver
ii  libart-dev     1.2.11-ximian. The Gnome canvas widget -- development packa
ii  libart2        1.2.11-ximian. The Gnome canvas widget
ii  libaudiofile-d 0.1.9-0.1      The Audiofile Library (Header files for deve
ii  libaudiofile0  0.1.9-0.1      The Audiofile Library
ii  libbz2         0.9.5d-2       A high-quality block-sorting file compressor
ii  libc6          2.2-6          GNU C Library: Shared libraries and Timezone
ii  libc6-dev      2.2-6          GNU C Library: Development Libraries and Hea
ii  libc6-i686     2.2-6          GNU C Library: Shared libraries [i686 optimi
ii  libcanna1g     3.5b2-29       Canna Runtime Library (Libc6).
ii  libcanna1g-dev 3.5b2-29       Canna Static Library and Headers (Libc6).
ii  libcapplet-dev 1.2.2-helix2   Library for Gnome Control Center applets - D
ii  libcapplet0    1.2.2-helix2   Library for Gnome Control Center applets
ii  libcdparanoia0 3a9.7-2        Shared libraries for cdparanoia (runtime lib
ii  libcompfaceg1  1989.11.11-17. Compress/decompress images for mailheaders, 
ii  libdb2         2.4.14- The Berkeley database routines (run-time fil
ii  libdb2-util    2.4.14- The Berkeley database routines (development 
ii  libdigest-md5- 2.09-1         MD5 Message Digest for Perl
ii  libeb1         2.3.8-1        EB(Electric Book) access library - runtime
ii  libesd0        0.2.18-3       Enlightened Sound Daemon - Shared libraries
ii  libesd0-dev    0.2.18-3       Enlightened Sound Daemon - Development files
ii  libfnlib0      0.4-3          Fnlib is a special font rendering library us
ii  libfreetype6   2.0.1-1        FreeType 2 font engine, shared library files
ii  libfreetype6-d 2.0.1-1        FreeType 2 font engine, development files
ii  libgal3 G App Libs (run time library)
ii  libgc5         5.0.alpha4-8   Conservative garbage collector for C
ii  libgd1g        1.7.3-0.1      GD Graphics Library
ii  libgdbmg1      1.7.3-26.2     GNU dbm database routines (runtime version).
ii  libgdk-pixbuf- 0.9.0-helix8   The GdkPixBuf library - development files.
ii  libgdk-pixbuf- 0.9.0-helix8   The GNOME GdkPixBuf library - development fi
ii  libgdk-pixbuf- 0.9.0-helix8   The GNOME GdkPixBuf library.
ii  libgdk-pixbuf2 0.9.0-helix8   The GdkPixBuf library.
ii  libggi-target- General Graphics Interface X display target
ii  libggi2 General Graphics Interface runtime libraries
ii  libggi2-dev General Graphics Interface development packa
ii  libghttp-dev   1.0.8-3        Gnome HTTP client library - Development
ii  libghttp1      1.0.8-3        Gnome HTTP client library
ii  libgii0        0.6-1.1        General Input Interface runtime libraries
ii  libgii0-dev    0.6-1.1        General Input Interface development package
ii  libgimp1       1.0.4-3        Libraries necessary to run the GIMP
ii  libgimp1.2     1.2.1-0.ximian Developers' release of libraries necessary t
ii  libglade-gnome 0.14-helix1    Library to load .glade files at runtime (Gno
ii  libglade-gnome 0.14-helix1    Development files for libglade (Gnome widget
ii  libglade0      0.14-helix1    Library to load .glade files at runtime.
ii  libglade0-dev  0.14-helix1    Development files for libglade.
ii  libglib1.2     1.2.8-helix1   The GLib library of C routines
ii  libglib1.2-dev 1.2.8-helix1   Development files for GLib library
ii  libgmp2        2.0.2-9        Multiprecision arithmetic library
ii  libgnome-dev   1.2.11-ximian. The Gnome libraries -- development package
ii  libgnome-pilot 0.1.55-0pre-he Library for GNOME pilot development
ii  libgnome-pilot 0.1.55-0pre-he Library for GNOME pilot
ii  libgnome32     1.2.11-ximian. The Gnome libraries
ii  libgnomeprint- 0.25-helix1    The GNOME Print architecture (binary files)
ii  libgnomeprint- 0.25-helix1    The GNOME Print architecture (data files)
ii  libgnomeprint- 0.25-helix1    The GNOME Print architecture (development fi
ii  libgnomeprint1 0.25-helix1    The GNOME Print architecture
ii  libgnomesuppor 1.2.11-ximian. The Gnome libraries (Support libraries)
ii  libgnomeui32   1.2.11-ximian. The Gnome libraries (User Interface)
ii  libgnorba-dev  1.2.11-ximian. Gnome CORBA services -- development package
ii  libgnorba27    1.2.11-ximian. Gnome CORBA services
ii  libgnorbagtk0  1.2.11-ximian. Gnome CORBA services (Gtk bindings)
ii  libgpmg1       1.17.8-18      General Purpose Mouse Library [libc6]
ii  libgtk-perl    0.7002-1       Perl module for the gtk+ library
ii  libgtk1.2      1.2.8-helix2   The GIMP Toolkit set of widgets for X
ii  libgtk1.2-dev  1.2.8-helix2   Development files for the GIMP Toolkit
ii  libgtkxmhtml-d 1.2.11-ximian. The Gnome gtkxmhtml (HTML) widget -- develop
ii  libgtkxmhtml1  1.2.11-ximian. The Gnome gtkxmhtml (HTML) widget
ii  libgtop-dev    1.0.9-helix2   Dev libraries for gtop system monitoring lib
ii  libgtop1       1.0.9-helix2   Libraries for gtop system monitoring library
ii  libguile6      1.3.4-helix5   `libguile.so.6' shared libraries for Guile1.
ii  libguile6-slib 1.3.4-helix5   SLIB support for guile1.3 and libguile6.
ii  libgwrapguile0 0.9.4-helix1   run-time library for g-wrap
ii  libhdf4g       4.1r3-6        The Hierarchical Data Format library -- libr
ii  libhtml-parser 3.15-1         A collection of modules that parse HTML text
ii  libhtml-tagset 3.03-1         Data tables pertaining to HTML
ii  libident       0.22-2         simple RFC1413 client library - runtime
ii  libjpeg-progs  6b-1.2         Programs for manipulating jpeg files
ii  libjpeg62      6b-1.2         The Independent JPEG Group's JPEG runtime li
ii  libjpeg62-dev  6b-1.2         Development files for the IJG JPEG library [
ii  libkpathsea-pe        Perl interface to Kpathsea library and mktex
ii  liblcms        1.06-4         Color management library
ii  libldap2       2.0.7-0.potato OpenLDAP libraries.
ii  liblockfile1   1.01           Shared library with NFS-safe locking functio
ii  libltdl0       1.3.5-3        A system independent dlopen wrapper for GNU 
ii  libltdl0-dev   1.3.5-3        A system independent dlopen wrapper for GNU 
ii  libmagick4g    4.2.8-9        Image manipulation library (free version).
ii  libmikmod2     3.1.7-4        A portable sound library
ii  libmime-base64 2.11-2         MIME/Base64 decoding for Perl
ii  libmimelib1    2.1-20001213-0 mime libraries needed for some KDE applicati
ii  libmldbm-perl  2.00-8         MLDBM perl module
ii  libmng         0.9.3-0.potato Multiple-image Network Graphics library
ii  libmpeg1       1.3.1-2        The MPEG library calls for movie streams
ii  libncurses4    4.2-9          Shared libraries for terminal handling
ii  libncurses5    5.0-6.0potato1 Shared libraries for terminal handling
ii  libncurses5-de 5.0-6.0potato1 Developer's libraries and docs for ncurses
ii  libnet-perl    1.0703-4       Implementation of Internet protocols for Per
ii  libnet-telnet- 3.02-1         Script telnetable connections
ii  libnewt-dev    0.50.8-2       Developer's toolkit for newt windowing libra
ii  libnewt0       0.50.8-2       Not Erik's Windowing Toolkit - text mode win
ii  libobgtk1      1.0.40-2       Objective-C - Gtk bindings
ii  libogg0        1.0beta3-1     Ogg Bitstream Library
ii  libole2-0      0.1.7-0.1      The GNOME Unicode library.
ii  libopenldap-ru 1.2.11-2       OpenLDAP runtime files for obsolete libopenl
ii  libopenldap1   1.2.11-2       OpenLDAP libraries (obsoleted by libldap2).
ii  liborbit-dev   0.5.6-1        Dev libraries for ORBit - a CORBA ORB
ii  liborbit0      0.5.6-1        Libraries for ORBit - a CORBA ORB
ii  libpam-modules 0.72-9         Pluggable Authentication Modules for PAM
ii  libpam-runtime 0.72-9         Runtime support for the PAM library
ii  libpam0g       0.72-9         Pluggable Authentication Modules library
ii  libpanel-apple 1.2.4-helix2   Library for Gnome Panel applets - Developmen
ii  libpanel-apple 1.2.4-helix2   Library for Gnome Panel applets
ii  libpaperg      1.0.4          Library for handling paper characteristics
ii  libpcre2       2.08-1         Philip Hazel's Perl Compatible Regular Expre
ii  libpcre3       3.3-4          Philip Hazel's Perl Compatible Regular Expre
ii  libpisock3     0.9.5-0pre3-he Libraries for communicating with a Pilot PDA
ii  libpng2        1.0.8-1        PNG library - runtime
ii  libpng2-dev    1.0.8-1        PNG library - development
ii  libpopt-dev    1.5-helix2     lib for parsing cmdline parameters - develop
ii  libpopt0       1.5-helix2     lib for parsing cmdline parameters
ii  libproplist0   0.10.1-1       PropList closely mimics the property lists f
ii  libqt2.2       2.2.3-0.potato Qt GUI Library (runtime version).
ii  libreadline4   4.1-4          GNU readline and history libraries, run-time
ii  libreadlineg2  2.1-21         GNU readline and history libraries, run-time
ii  librep-dev     0.13.4-helix1  development libraries and headers for librep
ii  librep5        0.9-2          an embeddable Emacs-Lisp-like runtime librar
ii  librep9        0.13.4-helix1  an embeddable Emacs-Lisp-like runtime librar
ii  librpm1        3.0.5-0.potato RPM shared library
ii  libruby        1.6.1-12.potat Libraries necessary to run the ruby.
ii  librx1g        1.5-6          GNU Posix Basic Regular Expression language 
ii  libsasl-module 1.5.24-4.1     Pluggable Authentication Modules for SASL
ii  libsasl7       1.5.24-4.1     Authentication abstraction library.
ii  libsdl1.0      1.0.1-4        Simple DirectMedia Layer
ii  libsmpeg0      0.3.3-1        SDL MPEG Player Library - shared libraries
ii  libssl09       0.9.4-5        SSL shared libraries
ii  libssl096      0.9.6-0.potato SSL shared libraries
ii  libstdc++2.10  2.95.2-14      The GNU stdc++ library
ii  libstdc++2.10- 2.95.2-20      The GNU stdc++ library (development files)
ii  libstdc++2.10- 2.95.2-20      The GNU stdc++ library
ii  libstdc++2.8   2.90.29-2      The GNU stdc++ library (old egcs version)
ii  libstdc++2.9-g 2.91.66-4      The GNU stdc++ library (old egcs version)
ii  libstroke0     0.3-4          support for strokes like those in Mentor Gra
ii  libterm-readke 2.14-1         Change terminal modes, and perform non-block
ii  libtiff3g      3.5.5-2        Tag Image File Format library
ii  libtiff3g-dev  3.5.5-2        Tag Image File Format library, development f
ii  libtimedate-pe 1.10-1         Time and date functions for perl.
ii  libtool        1.3.5-3        Generic library support script
ii  libungif3g     3.0-3          shared library for GIF images (runtime lib)
ii  libungif3g-dev 3.0-3          shared library for GIF images (development f
ii  libunicode-dev 0.4.0-q.1      The GNOME Unicode library - development file
ii  libunicode0    0.4.0-q.1      The GNOME Unicode library.
ii  liburi-perl    1.10-1         Manipulates and accesses URI strings
ii  libvorbis0     1.0beta3-1     The OGG Vorbis lossy audio compression codec
ii  libwnn6        1.0.0-8        Wnn6 client library
ii  libwnn6-dev    1.0.0-8        Header files and static library for Wnn6 cli
ii  libwrap0       7.6-7          Wietse Venema's TCP wrappers library
ii  libwraster1    0.61.1-4       Shared libraries of Window Maker rasterizer.
ii  libwww-perl    5.50-1         WWW client/server library for Perl
ii  libwxxt1       1.67c-6        wxWindows Cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit (V1
ii  libxaw-dev     4.0.2-1        X Athena widget set library development file
ii  libxaw6        4.0.2-1        X Athena widget set library (version 6)
ii  libxaw7        4.0.2-1        X Athena widget set library
ii  libxfont-xtt     X-TT patched font library of X (Shared libra
ii  libxfont-xtt-d     X-TT patched font library of X (Static libra
ii  libxml-dev     1.8.10-helix1  Development files for the GNOME XML library
ii  libxml1        1.8.10-helix1  GNOME XML library
ii  libzvt-dev     1.2.11-ximian. The Gnome zvt (zterm) widget -- development 
ii  libzvt2        1.2.11-ximian. The Gnome zvt (zterm) widget
ii  lintian        1.11.15        Debian package checker
ii  locales        2.2-6          GNU C Library: National Language (locale) da
ii  lockfile-progs 0.1.7          Programs for locking and unlocking files and
ii  login          20000902-2     System login tools
ii  logrotate      3.2-11         Log rotation utility
ii  lprng          3.7.4-1        lpr/lpd printer spooling system
ii  lsof-2.2       4.48-1         List open files.
ii  lv             4.49.4-1       A Powerful Multilingual File Viewer
ii  lynx           2.8.3-1        Text-mode WWW Browser
ii  m4             1.4-11         a macro processing language
ii  mailtools      1.15-1         Manipulate email in perl programs
ii  mailx          8.1.1-10.1.3   A simple mail user agent.
ii  maint-guide    1.0            Debian New Maintainers' Guide
ii  maint-guide-ja 1.0            Japanese translation of Debian New Maintaine
ii  make           3.79.1-1.potat The GNU version of the "make" utility.
ii  makedev        2.3.1-50       Creates special device files in /dev.
ii  man-db         2.3.16-1       Display the on-line manual.
ii  manpages       1.34-2         Man pages about using a Linux system.
ii  manpages-dev   1.34-2         Linux-development man pages.
ii  manpages-ja Japanese version of the manual pages (for us
ii  mawk           1.3.3-5        a pattern scanning and text processing langu
ii  mbr            1.1.2-2        Master Boot Record for IBM-PC compatible com
ii  mc-common      4.5.51-helix3  Common files for mc and gmc
ii  menu           2.1.5-6        provides update-menus functions for some app
ii  mesag3+ggi     3.1-17         A 3-D graphics library which uses the OpenGL
ii  mesag3+ggi-dev 3.1-17         Development library for Mesa [libc6].
ii  metamail       2.7-35         An implementation of MIME.
ii  mew            1.94.2-2       Messaging in the Emacs World
ii  mime-support   3.10-1         MIME files 'mime.types' & 'mailcap', and sup
ii  mkhybrid       1.12b5.4-4     CD-ROM authoring tool.  Creates CD-ROM files
ii  mkisofs        1.9-1          Creates ISO-9660 CD-ROM filesystem images.
ii  modconf        0.2.27         Device Driver Configuration
ii  modutils       2.4.1-1        Linux module utilities.
ii  mount          2.10q-1        Tools for mounting and manipulating filesyst
ii  mpack          1.5-5          Tools for encoding/decoding MIME messages.
ii  mpage          2.5.1pre-3     print multiple pages per sheet on PostScript
ii  mpm            0.02-2         Saehan MPMan Communication Tool
ii  mtools         3.9.6-4        Tools for manipulating MSDOS files
ii  mutt           1.3.12-2       Text-based mailreader supporting MIME, GPG, 
ii  nasm           0.98-3         General-purpose x86 assembler
ii  ncurses-base   5.0-6.0potato1 Descriptions of common terminal types
ii  ncurses-bin    5.0-6.0potato1 Terminal-related programs and man pages
ii  ncurses-term   5.0-6.0potato1 Additional terminal type definitions
ii  net-tools      1.57-1         The NET-3 networking toolkit
ii  netbase        4.05           Basic TCP/IP networking system
ii  netkit-inetd   0.10-6         The Internet Superserver
ii  netkit-ping    0.10-6         The ping utility from netkit
ii  netkit-rpc     0.10-6         The rpcgen and rpcinfo utilities
ii  netpbm         19940301.2-13  Graphics conversion tools.
ii  netpbm1        19940301.2-13  Shared library for netpbm.
ii  netscape       4.76-1         Meta package that depends on other packages
ii  netscape-base- 4.76-1         Popular World-Wide-Web browser software (bas
ii  netscape-base- 4.76-1         4.76 base support for netscape
ii  netscape-ja-re 4.76-1         Netscape 4.76 Japanese resources.
ii  netscape-java- 4.76-1         Netscape Java support for version 4.76
ii  nkf            1.92-2         Network Kanji code conversion Filter
ii  nmh            1.0.4+dev-2000 A set of electronic mail handling programs.
ii  ntp            4.0.99g-2      Daemon and utilities for full NTP v4 timekee
ii  nvi            1.79-16a       4.4BSD re-implementation of vi.
ii  nvi-m17n-canna 1.79+19991117- Multilingualized nvi with Canna.
ii  nvi-m17n-commo 1.79+19991117- Multilingualized nvi's common files.
ii  orbit          0.5.6-1        A CORBA ORB (used with Gnome)
ii  packaging-manu        Debian Packaging Manual
ii  pan            0.9.1-helix2   Pimp A** Newsreader (Uses GTK, looks like Fo
ii  passwd         20000902-2     Change and administer password and group dat
ii  patch          2.5.4-2        Apply a diff file to an original
ii  pciutils       2.1.8-2        Linux PCI Utilities (for 2.[123].x kernels)
ii  pd-ttfonts     1-2            Public Domain TrueType fonts (and X-TT fonts
ii  pdl            2.005-4        The perl data language. Perl extensions for 
ii  perl-5.005     5.005.03-7.1   Larry Wall's Practical Extracting and Report
ii  perl-5.005-bas 5.005.03-7.1   The Pathologically Eclectic Rubbish Lister
ii  perl-5.005-doc 5.005.03-7.1   Man pages and pod docs for Perl
ii  perl-5.005-sui 5.005.03-7.1   Runs setuid Perl scripts.
ii  perl-base      5.004.05-1.1   Fake package assuring that one of the -base 
ii  perlmagick     4.28-9         A perl interface to the libMagick graphics r
ii  pidentd        3.0.11-3       TCP/IP IDENT protocol server.
ii  plib1          1.2.0-2        Portability Libraries: Run-time package, sta
ii  pnmtopng       2.37.4-1       PNG <-> netpbm (pnm, pbm, ppm, pgm) conversi
ii  portmap        5-1            The RPC portmapper
ii  ppp            2.4.0f-1       Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) daemon.
ii  pppconfig      2.0.5          A text menu based utility for configuring pp
ii  procmail       3.15.1-1       Versatile e-mail processor.
ii  procps         2.0.6-9        The /proc file system utilities.
ii  psmisc         19-3           Utilities that use the proc filesystem
ii  pstoedit       3.15-1         PostScript and PDF files to editable vector 
ii  psutils        1.17-10        A collection of PostScript document handling
ii  ptex-base      2.1.8-8        ASCII pTeX - The typesetting system
ii  ptex-bin       2.1.8+1-3      ASCII pTeX binary files
ii  ptex-jtex      1.7+1-2        ASCII jTeX with pTeX
ii  pump           0.7.3-3        Simple DHCP/BOOTP client for 2.2.x kernels
ii  python-base    1.5.2-10potato An interactive object-oriented scripting lan
ii  rar            2.71-1         Archiver for .rar files
ii  rcs            5.7-13         The GNU Revision Control System
ii  rep            0.13.4-helix1  lisp command interpreter frontends to librep
ii  rep-gtk        0.15-helix3    GTK binding for librep
ii  rep-gtk-gnome  0.15-helix3    GTK binding for librep with gnome support
ii  rpm            3.0.5-0.potato Red Hat Package Manager
rc  rstartd        3.3.6-11potato remote application start daemon
ii  rsync          2.4.6-1        fast remote file copy program (like rcp)
ii  ruby           1.6.1-12.potat An interpreter of object-oriented scripting 
ii  ruby-examples  1.6.1-12.potat Examples for the scripting language Ruby.
ii  ruby-manual    1.4.6-2        Manual for the scripting language Ruby.
ii  rxvt           2.6.2-2        VT102 terminal emulator for the X Window Sys
ii  rxvt-ml        2.6.2-2        multi-lingual VT102 terminal emulator for th
ii  sawfish        0.36-helix3    a highly configurable window manager for X11
ii  sawfish-gnome  0.36-helix3    GNOME components for Sawfish
ii  scm            5d2-3          A Scheme language interpreter.
ii  sed            3.02-6         The GNU sed stream editor.
ii  sed-ja         3.02-1         GNU sed + multi-byte extension
ii  semi  Library to provide MIME feature for GNU Emac
rc  semi1.12       1.12.1-11      Library to provide MIME feature for GNU Emac
ii  setserial      2.17-18        Controls configuration of serial ports.
ii  sharefont      0.10-7         Shareware font selection for X11
ii  sharutils      4.2.1-3        shar, unshar, uuencode, uudecode
ii  shellutils     2.0.11-1       The GNU shell programming utilities.
ii  skkdic-cdb     20001212-1     SKK Dictionary in cdb format (SKK-JISYO.L.cd
ii  slang1         1.4.1-1        The S-Lang programming library - runtime ver
ii  slang1-dev     1.4.1-1        The S-Lang programming library, development 
ii  slang1-ja      1.4.2-2        The S-Lang programming library with Japanese
ii  slib           2c9-3          Portable Scheme library.
ii  smpeg-plaympeg 0.3.3-1        SMPEG command line MPEG audio/video player
ii  ssh            2.2.0p1-1.1.1  Secure rlogin/rsh/rcp replacement (OpenSSH)
ii  stl-manual     3.11-3         C++-STL documentation in HTML
ii  strace         4.2-4          A system call tracer.
ii  sudo           1.6.2p2-1      Provides limited super user privileges to sp
ii  svgalibg1      1.4.1-2        SVGA display utilities
ii  swig           1.1.p5-6       Generate scripting interfaces to C/C++ code.
ii  sysklogd       1.3-33.1       Kernel and system logging daemons
ii  syslinux       1.48-2         Bootloader for Linux/i386 using MS-DOS flopp
ii  sysvinit       2.78-4         System-V like init.
ii  t-code         2.1pre3-1      Yet another Japanese input method
ii  t1lib1         1.0-2          Type 1 font rasterizer library - runtime
ii  talk           0.17-1         Talk to another user.
ii  talkd          0.17-1         Remote user communication server.
ii  tar            1.13.18-2      GNU tar
ii  task-c++-dev   0.6            Development in C++
ii  task-c-dev     0.6            Development in C
ii  task-devel-com 0.6            Development in various languages
ii  task-gnome-des 1.0.10         GNOME basic desktop
ii  task-helix-cor 1.1-helix5     Helix GNOME core desktop
ii  task-helix-gno 1.1-helix3     Helix GNOME core desktop
ii  task-tcltk     1.0            Running Tcl/Tk applications
ii  task-tcltk-dev 1.0            Developing Tcl/Tk applications
ii  task-tex       0.4            TeX/LaTeX environment
ii  task-x-window- 2.3            X Window System (core components)
ii  tasksel        1.0-10         New task packages selector
ii  tcl8.0         8.0.5-4        The Tool Command Language (TCL) v8.0 - Run-T
ii  tcl8.0-ja      8.0.4jp1.3-8   The Tool Command Language (TCL) v8.0 - Run-T
ii  tcl8.2         8.2.3-4        The Tool Command Language (TCL) v8.2 - Run-T
ii  tcl8.2-dev     8.2.3-4        The Tool Command Language (TCL) v8.2 - Devel
ii  tclreadline    1.0.3-1        GNU Readline Extension for Tcl/Tk.
ii  tcpd           7.6-7          Wietse Venema's TCP wrapper utilities
ii  tcsh-i18n      6.09.03-2      TENEX C Shell message catalogs
ii  tcsh-kanji     6.09.03-2      TENEX C Shell, an enhanced version of Berkel
ii  tetex-base     1.0.2+20000804 basic teTeX library files
ii  tetex-bin      1.0.6-7        teTeX binary files
ii  tetex-doc      1.0.2+20000804 teTeX documentation
ii  tetex-extra    1.0.2+20000804 extra teTeX library files
ii  tetex-lib      1.0.6-7        shared libkpathsea for teTeX
ii  texinfo        4.0-5          Documentation system for on-line information
ii  textutils      2.0-3          The GNU text file processing utilities.
ii  thinkfree-offi 1.5.111-5      ThinkFree Office Applications
ii  time           1.7-10         The GNU time command.
ii  tix41      The Tix library for Tk, version 4.1 -- runti
ii  tk8.0          8.0.5-7        The Tk toolkit for TCL and X11 v8.0 - Run-Ti
ii  tk8.0-ja       8.0.4jp1.3-7   The Tk toolkit for TCL and X11 v8.0 - Run-Ti
ii  tk8.2          8.2.3-4        The Tk toolkit for TCL and X11 v8.2 - Run-Ti
ii  tk8.2-dev      8.2.3-4        The Tk toolkit for TCL and X11 v8.2 - Develo
ii  tkdesk-ja      1.2-1.4        Japanization of smooth desktop manager tkdes
ii  tkdvi          0.2-1          A TeX DVI previewer based on Tcl/Tk.
ii  tkfont         1.1-9          A different xfontsel for displaying fonts.
ii  tktable        2.5-3          Table extension for Tcl/Tk
ii  tktable-dev    2.5-3          Development files for tkTable
ii  transfig       3.2.3.c-3      Utilities for printing figures from xfig.
ii  unarj          2.41a-6        arj unarchive utility
ii  unifont        20000122-1     X11 dual-width GNU unicode font
ii  untex          9210-8         Remove LaTeX commands from input.
ii  unzip          5.40-1         De-archiver for .zip files
ii  update         2.11-2         daemon to periodically flush filesystem buff
ii  user-ja        0.29           simple configuration tool for Japanese envir
ii  util-linux     2.10q-1        Miscellaneous system utilities.
ii  vacation       3.0            email autoresponder
ii  vflib2         2.25.1-4       Vector Font Library for Japanese Character C
ii  vflib2-misc    2.25.1-4       Miscelanious tools for VFlib2 library.
ii  vflib3         3.6.5-2        Versatile Font Library for multi-lingual inf
ii  vflib3-bin     3.6.5-2        Sample programs using VFlib3
ii  w3m            0.1.10+0.1.11p WWW browsable pager with excellent tables/fr
ii  watanabe-vfont 1-6            Japanese Mincho font in Zeit's Syotai Club f
ii  weblint        1.93-1         a syntax and minimal style checker for HTML
ii  wenglish       1.0-12         English dictionary words for /usr/share/dict
ii  wget           1.5.3-7        utility to retrieve files from the WWW via H
ii  whiptail       0.50.8-2       Displays user-friendly dialog boxes from she
ii  whois          4.5.2          The GNU whois client
ii  windows-el     2.26-3         Window manager for GNU Emacs
ii  xaw3dg         1.3-6.8        cute 3D replacement for the X Athena widget 
ii  xbase-clients  4.0.2-1        miscellaneous X clients
ii  xbooks         3.3.6-1        X Window System technical documentation in P
ii  xcdroast       0.96e-3        X based CD-writer software
ii  xchat-common   1.4.3-helix1   Common files for X-Chat
ii  xchat-gnome    1.4.3-helix1   IRC client for GNOME similar to AmIRC
rc  xcontrib    XFree contributed clients.
ii  xdvik-ja       22.15-j1.03-3  X-window TeX previewer using vflib2 for Japa
ii  xemacs21       21.1.10-4      Editor and kitchen sink
ii  xemacs21-bases 2000.10.23-1   Editor and kitchen sink -- compiled elisp su
ii  xemacs21-bin   21.1.10-4      Editor and kitchen sink -- support binaries
ii  xemacs21-mule- 21.1.10-4      Editor and kitchen sink -- Mule binary compi
ii  xemacs21-mules 2000.10.23-1   Editor and kitchen sink -- Mule elisp suppor
ii  xemacs21-suppo 21.1.10-4      Editor and kitchen sink -- architecture inde
ii  xext           3.3.6-23       extensions to XFree86 3.x servers
ii  xf86setup      3.3.6-11potato X server configuration tools
ii  xfig           3.2.3.a-6      Facility for Interactive Generation of figur
ii  xfonts-100dpi  4.0.2-1        100 dpi fonts for X
ii  xfonts-75dpi   4.0.2-1        75 dpi fonts for X
ii  xfonts-a12k12  1-3            12 dot Kanji & ASCII fonts for X
ii  xfonts-base    4.0.2-1        standard fonts for X
ii  xfonts-biznet- 3.0.0-7        100 dpi BIZNET ISO-8859-2 fonts for X server
ii  xfonts-biznet- 3.0.0-7        75 dpi BIZNET ISO-8859-2 fonts for X servers
ii  xfonts-biznet- 3.0.0-7        Standard BIZNET ISO-8859-2 fonts for X serve
rc  xfonts-cjk     3.3.6-2        basic Chinese, Japanese, and Korean fonts fo
ii  xfonts-cyrilli 4.0.2-1        Cyrillic fonts for X
ii  xfonts-intl-ja 1.1-9          International fonts for X -- Japanese.
ii  xfonts-intl-ja 1.1-9          International fonts for X -- Japanese big.
ii  xfonts-k14g    1-2            Japanese k14 gothic Kanji font for X11.
ii  xfonts-kaname  1.1-2          Kaname Cho 12dot KANJI fonts for X
ii  xfonts-marumoj 0.2-3          Roundish fonts (marumoji fonts) for X
ii  xfonts-naga10  1.1-7          10x10 dot Japanese fonts
ii  xfonts-pex     4.0.2-1        fonts for minimal PEX support in X
ii  xfonts-scalabl 4.0.2-1        scalable fonts for X
ii  xfree86-common 4.0.2-1        X Window System (XFree86) infrastructure
ii  xfs-xtt     X-TrueType font server
ii  xjed-canna     0.99.10.jp0-3  Editor for programmers for Japanese. (x11 ve
ii  xli            1.16-12        view images under X11
ii  xlib6g         4.0.2-1        pseudopackage providing X libraries
ii  xlib6g-dev     4.0.2-1        pseudopackage providing X library developmen
ii  xlibs          4.0.2-1        X Window System client libraries
ii  xlibs-dev      4.0.2-1        X Window System client library development f
ii  xmanpages-ja     Japanese manual pages for X
ii  xmh            3.3.6-11potato X interface to MH mail system
ii  xmms-ja        1.2.2-jp1-q.3  Versatile X audio player that looks like Win
ii  xnest          4.0.2-1        nested X server
ii  xproxy         3.3.6-11potato X proxy services
ii  xprt           4.0.2-1        X print server
ii  xscreensaver   3.25-helix1    Automatic screensaver for X
ii  xserver-common 4.0.2-1        files and utilities common to all X servers
ii  xserver-common 3.3.6-23       files and utilities common to XFree86 3.x X 
ii  xserver-svga   3.3.6-23       X server for SVGA graphics cards
ii  xserver-vga16  3.3.6-11potato X server for VGA graphics cards
ii  xserver-xfree8 4.0.2-1        the XFree86 X server
rc  xsm            3.3.6-11potato X session manager
ii  xterm          4.0.2-1        X terminal emulator
ii  xtt-fonts      0.19990222-5   Free Japanese TrueType fonts (mincho & gothi
ii  xutils         4.0.2-1        XFree86 utility programs
ii  xvfb           4.0.2-1        virtual framebuffer X server
ii  xviddetect     0.3-2.1        XFree86 installation helper
ii  yatex          1.67-7         Yet Another LaTeX mode
ii  zeitfonts      1-4            Japanese fonts in Zeit's Syotai Club format.
ii  zip            2.30-2         Archiver for .zip files
ii  zlib1g         1.1.3-12       compression library - runtime
ii  zlib1g-dev     1.1.3-12       compression library - development