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[debian-devel:11538] Re: Installed man-db 2.3.10-70 (source i386)

On Mon, Feb 07, 2000 at 02:55:32AM +0900, Fumitoshi UKAI wrote:
> groff 1.15-3 doesn't work for Japanese too, so current dependency of 
> man-db breaks Japanese manpages.

I got a huge patch for 1.12.
I applyed it and run for a while on my system.
I got segfault on a page where normal groff gives just a warning, so I
suspected problems.

Later I have applyed the patch to 1.15 (goes straight).
It'a week that I'm running a private  1.15-3.ja.1 without any problem.
But I am running also jless.

On my previous attempt (1.12) I got also problems in displaying extended
latin chars using jgroff.
Now they seem gone (is this because of some corrections or because of

My fear is that there are interconnections that we're not testing.
What is the status of merging jless and less?
How jgroff works with other pagers like more and must?

What I see it that, before, we hat japanese team that used running
jgroff AND jless togheter, while latin people run groff and less.
How do jgroff run with old less? how old groff run with jless?

Is this really something we want to introduce into frozen?
I could rename  1.15-3.ja.1 into 1.15-4 and upload it. but I absolutely
need to know the status of jless-less merge.

And later I need help with two issues upstream: I will submit the
japè—ºnise patch upstream, but I must split it into its basic parts.
The maintainer need to understand it, otherwise he will not apply it!
And part of the stuff is in Japanese.

Finally, groff is upstream adding support for UTF-8
Will this interfere with japanes patches?

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