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[debian-devel:12116] Re: man-db and JLESSCHARSET


In article <20000417134007K.kubota@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
  at "Mon, 17 Apr 2000 13:40:27 +0900',
   with "[debian-devel:12104] Re: man-db and JLESSCHARSET",
 Tomohiro KUBOTA <kubota@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> さん writes:

> # 考えてみれば、groff って、どうやってハイフネーションしてるの
> # でしょうね。これって、コードセット依存ではなくて、言語依存な
> # 処理だと思うのですが。(ソースを見ると、troff/hyphen.us という
> # ファイルがあり、TeX のを流用してるみたいなことが書いてあります。)

 sgml-tools (v1) の bug report #16304 (27 Dec 1997) に groff の
 hyphenation に関連する話題が出てます。

Package: sgml-tools
Version: 0.99.7-3.1

This bug is due to use of groff with US hyphenation table for /every/
language.  Since TeX hyphenation tables may be used with groff, it is
possible to correctly hyphenate all languages supported by TeX itself.

I think it should suffice to include something like this in sgmlsasp
output (wich is groff input):

.do hla it
.do hpf hyphen.it

(This is an example for the Italian language; hyphen.it could be the a
symbolic link to /usr/lib/texmf/tex/generic/hyphen/ithyph.TeX (provided by
teTeX); hyphen.it should be located in some standard place (like
/usr/share/groff/tmac/) or have an absolute path in front of itself.)

A temporary patch may be disabling hyphenation for languages other than

***** SB => Stephane Bortzmeyer

SB> I'm quite sensitive to the issue, being French, but I must admit I
SB> still hesitate to get into groff's internals. Pointers to good
SB> documentation welcome.

At the time I filed this bug I just read groff manpage to find a work
around to the hyphenation problem.  It's my understanding that what I
said in the report will suffice, but I don't know if there are other
solutions, nor do I know other useful documentation.

Coordinating with the upstream groff maintainer(s) may be a good idea:
the hyphenation tables should be probably provided directly by groff


***** SB => Stephane Bortzmeyer

SB> I don't find how to suppress hyphenation, which is what you
SB> suggest as a temporary workaround?

Sorry, it was not exactly groff man page: look in the groff package
doc directory, file meref.me.gz.

A quick grep revealed that `.nh' should do the trick.

 groff の入力に .nh を付けておけば hyphenation を禁止できるみたいですね。

 groff 自体が hyphenation table を持つべきでは、という意見もあるみたい。

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