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Re: Translation update of the developers-reference

On Wed, 15 May 2013 09:02:30 +0900
YOSHINO Yoshihito wrote:

> > #: pkgs.dbk:293
> > msgid ""
> > "Actually, there are other possible distributions: <replaceable>codename</"
> > "replaceable><literal>-security</literal>, but read <xref linkend=\"bug-"
> > "security\"/> for more information on those."
> > msgstr ""
> > "実際には、他にも指定可能なディストリビューションがあります: "
> > "<literal>stable-security</literal> と <literal>testing-security</literal> で"
> > "すが、これらについての詳細は <xref linkend=\"bug-security\"/> を読んでくださ"
> > "い。"
> <replaceable>codename</replaceable><literal>-security</literal>
> 複数じゃない気がするけど


#: beyond-pkging.dbk:141
msgid ""
"Even though there is a dedicated group of people for Quality Assurance, QA "
"duties are not reserved solely for them.  You can participate in this effort "
"by keeping your packages as bug-free as possible, and as lintian-clean (see "
"<xref linkend=\"lintian\"/>) as possible.  If you do not find that possible, "
"then you should consider orphaning some of your packages (see <xref linkend="
"\"orphaning\"/>).  Alternatively, you may ask the help of other people in "
"order to catch up with the backlog of bugs that you have (you can ask for "
"help on &email-debian-qa; or &email-debian-devel;).  At the same time, you "
"can look for co-maintainers (see <xref linkend=\"collaborative-maint\"/>)."
msgstr ""
"品質保証に割り当てられたグループの人々がいたとしても、QA 作業は彼らのみに課せ"
"ち、できるだけ lintian clean な状態 (<xref linkend=\"lintian\"/> を参照) にす"
"思えるなら、パッケージをいくつか「放棄 (orphan)」してください (<xref "
"linkend=\"orphaning\"/> 参照)。または、溜まったバグ処理に追いつくため、他の"
"人々に助力を願い出ることも可能です (&email-debian-qa; や &email-debian-"
"devel; で助けを求めることができます)。同時に共同メンテナ (co-maintainer) を探"
"すことも可能です (<xref linkend=\"collaborative-maint\"/> を参照してくださ"

#: beyond-pkging.dbk:288
msgid ""
"Once you have gathered all of this, you can contact &email-mia;.  People on "
"this alias will use the information you provide in order to decide how to "
"proceed.  For example, they might orphan one or all of the packages of the "
"maintainer.  If a package has been NMUed, they might prefer to contact the "
"NMUer before orphaning the package — perhaps the person who has done the NMU "
"is interested in the package."
msgstr ""
"えば、そのメンテナのパッケージの一部または全てを放棄 (Orphan) するかもしれま"
"せん。パッケージがNMUされていた場合は、パッケージを放棄 (Orphan) する前にNMU"
"をした人に連絡する事を選ぶかもしれません — NMUをした人はきっとパッケージに関"

#: developer-duties.dbk:79
msgid ""
"Lack of attention to RC bugs is often interpreted by the QA team as a sign "
"that the maintainer has disappeared without properly orphaning their "
"package.  The MIA team might also get involved, which could result in your "
"packages being orphaned (see <xref linkend=\"mia-qa\" />)."
msgstr ""
"RC バグへの関心の無さは、しばしば QA チームによって、メンテナが正しくパッケー"
"ジを放棄せずに消えてしまったサインとして判断されます。MIA チームが関わること"
"もあり、その場合はパッケージが放棄されます (<xref linkend=\"mia-qa\" /> 参照"

#: developer-duties.dbk:257
msgid ""
"Orphan all your packages, as described in <xref linkend=\"orphaning\"/>."
msgstr ""
"<xref linkend=\"orphaning\"/> の記述に従って、全てのパッケージを放棄 "
"(orphan) してください。"

#: developer-duties.dbk:275
msgid ""
"It is important that the above process is followed, because finding inactive "
"developers and orphaning their packages takes significant time and effort."
msgstr ""

#: pkgs.dbk:1332
msgid ""
"Usually you only ask for the removal of a package maintained by yourself.  "
"If you want to remove another package, you have to get the approval of its "
"maintainer. Should the package be orphaned and thus have no maintainer, you "
"should first discuss the removal request on &email-debian-qa;. If there is a "
"consensus that the package should be removed, you should reassign and "
"retitle the <literal>O:</literal> bug filed against the <literal>wnpp</"
"literal> package instead of filing a new bug as removal request."
msgstr ""
"が放棄されたのでメンテナがいない場合は、まず &email-debian-qa; で削除依頼に"
"の新規バグを登録するのではなく、<literal>wnpp</literal> パッケージに対して登"
"録されているバグを reassign して <literal>O:</literal> に題名を変更するべき"

#. type: Content of: <chapter><section><section><title>
#: pkgs.dbk:1421
msgid "Orphaning a package"
msgstr "パッケージを放棄する"

#: pkgs.dbk:1423
msgid ""
"If you can no longer maintain a package, you need to inform others, and see "
"that the package is marked as orphaned.  You should set the package "
"maintainer to <literal>Debian QA Group &orphan-address;</literal> and submit "
"a bug report against the pseudo package <systemitem role=\"package\">wnpp</"
"systemitem>.  The bug report should be titled <literal>O: "
"<replaceable>package</replaceable> -- <replaceable>short description</"
"replaceable></literal> indicating that the package is now orphaned.  The "
"severity of the bug should be set to <literal>normal</literal>; if the "
"package has a priority of standard or higher, it should be set to "
"important.  If you feel it's necessary, send a copy to &email-debian-devel; "
"by putting the address in the X-Debbugs-CC: header of the message (no, don't "
"use CC:, because that way the message's subject won't indicate the bug "
msgstr ""
"パッケージが放棄 (orphaned) とマークされたのが分かるようにする必要がありま"
"す。パッケージメンテナを <literal>Debian QA Group &orphan-address;</"
"literal> に設定し、疑似パッケージ<systemitem role=\"package\">wnpp</"
"systemitem> に対してバグ報告を送信しなければなりません。バグ報告は、パッケー"
"ジが今放棄されていることを示すように <literal>O: <replaceable>パッケージ名</"
"replaceable> -- <replaceable>短い要約</replaceable></literal> というタイトル"
"にする必要があります。バグの重要度は <literal>通常 (normal)</literal> に設定"
"しなければなりません; パッケージの重要 (priority) が standard より高い場合に"
"は重要 (important) に設定する必要があります。必要だと思うのならば、メッセージ"
"の X-Debbugs-CC: ヘッダのアドレスに &email-debian-devel; を入れてコピーを送っ"
"てください (そう、CC: を使わないでください。その理由は、CC: を使うと、メッ"

#: pkgs.dbk:2245
msgid ""
"NMUs are uploads of packages by somebody else than their assigned "
"maintainer.  There is another type of upload where the uploaded package is "
"not yours: QA uploads. QA uploads are uploads of orphaned packages."
msgstr ""
"NMU は、割り当てられているメンテナ以外の誰かによるパッケージのアップロードで"
"のアップロードがあります: QA アップロードです。QAアップロードは、放棄された"

#: pkgs.dbk:2264
msgid ""
"If you want to do an NMU, and it seems that the maintainer is not active, it "
"is wise to check if the package is orphaned (this information is displayed "
"on the package's Package Tracking System page).  When doing the first QA "
"upload to an orphaned package, the maintainer should be set to "
"<literal>Debian QA Group &lt;packages@qa.debian.org&gt;</literal>.  Orphaned "
"packages which did not yet have a QA upload still have their old maintainer "
"set.  There is a list of them at <ulink url=\"&url-orphaned-not-qa;\"/>."
msgstr ""
"あなたが NMU をしたいと思い、かつ、メンテナが活動的ではない場合、パッケージが"
"放棄されてないかどうかを確認するのが賢明です (この情報はパッケージ追跡システ"
"ム (PTS) のページで表示されています)。放棄されたパッケージに対して最初の QA "
"アップロードを行うときは、メンテナは <literal>Debian QA Group "
"&lt;packages@qa.debian.org&gt;</literal> に設定する必要があります。まだ QA "
"ています。この一覧は <ulink url=\"&url-orphaned-not-qa;\"/> で手に入ります。"

#: pkgs.dbk:2275
msgid ""
"Instead of doing a QA upload, you can also consider adopting the package by "
"making yourself the maintainer.  You don't need permission from anybody to "
"adopt an orphaned package, you can just set yourself as maintainer and "
"upload the new version (see <xref linkend=\"adopting\"/>)."
msgstr ""
"QA アップロードをする代わりに、メンテナをあなた自身に変更してパッケージを引き"
"するだけです (<xref linkend=\"adopting\"/> を参照)。"

#: resources.dbk:1080
msgid ""
"Regular summary emails about the package's status, including progression "
"into <literal>testing</literal>, <ulink url=\"&url-dehs;\">DEHS</ulink> "
"notifications of new upstream versions, and a notification if the package is "
"removed or orphaned."
msgstr ""
"<literal>testing</literal> への移行や、<ulink url=\"&url-dehs;\">DEHS</"
"ulink> での開発元の新しいバージョンの通知、パッケージが削除あるいは放棄 "
"(orphaned) されたなどを含むパッケージの状態について、定期的なメールでのサ"

#: scope.dbk:14
msgid ""
"The procedures discussed within include how to become a maintainer (<xref "
"linkend=\"new-maintainer\"/>); how to create new packages (<xref linkend="
"\"newpackage\"/>) and how to upload packages (<xref linkend=\"upload\"/>); "
"how to handle bug reports (<xref linkend=\"bug-handling\"/>); how to move, "
"remove, or orphan packages (<xref linkend=\"archive-manip\"/>); how to port "
"packages (<xref linkend=\"porting\"/>); and how and when to do interim "
"releases of other maintainers' packages (<xref linkend=\"nmu\"/>)."
msgstr ""
"ここで取り上げる手続きには、開発者になる方法 (<xref linkend=\"new-maintainer"
"\"/>) 、新しいパッケージの作り方 (<xref linkend=\"newpackage\"/>) とパッケー"
"ジをアップロードする方法 (<xref linkend=\"upload\"/>)、バグ報告の取扱い方 "
"(<xref linkend=\"bug-handling\"/>)、パッケージを移動、削除、放棄 (orphan) "
"する方法 (<xref linkend=\"archive-manip\"/>)、パッケージ移植のやり方 (<xref "
"つどの様にしたらよいのか (<xref linkend=\"nmu\"/>) が含まれます。"

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