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Re: 翻訳パッチ投稿に関するアドバイス


> Mew を使えばぁって気もしますが。(しばらくそのまま様子をみます)
と書きましたが、下記の (debian-doc:05015)を見ていて 気がかわりました。

"The Mozilla programs are important tools for many users. Unfortunately their "
"security policy is to urge users to update to new upstream versions, which "
"collides with our policy to not ship large functional changes in a security "
"update. We cannot predict it today, but during &releasename; lifetime the "
"Debian Security Team might come to a point where supporting Mozilla products "
"is no longer feasible and, and would then announce the end of security "
"support for Mozilla products. You should take this into account when "
"deploying Mozilla and consider alternatives inside Debian if that poses a "
"problem to you."

Mozilla products に対して neglect しようと思います。

Minoru Nagahama