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"香田" == Atsuhito Kohda <kohda@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

香田> > 1)この「テテフ」って何なのでしょう?

香田> 詳しくは知らないですが、今や標準的な UNIX/Linux での
香田> TeX 配布元だと思います。オリジナルに周辺ツールとか
香田> 追加してインストールが簡単になってるのかな?


以下、某Nif で書いた文章の引用です。

-----^ ここから
TeX CD-ROM(Oct/1998)に入っているteTeX 0.4のREADMEから主なところを引用
Main features of the teTeX distribution:
- file organisation TDS (TeX Directory Structure) Standard compliant
- very easy to install and customize (install.sh and texconfig utility)
- LaTeX2e (June 1996) together with lots of
  extra LaTeX packages (most packages mentioned in the LaTeX Companion)
- a lot of documentation: more than 130 dvi/ps-files, teTeX manual, FAQs
- support for read-only inputs tree (i.e. possibility to use alternate
  destination for newly created fonts)
- ready for a multi platform setup
- fast file searching. web2c patched to work with kpathsea-2.6. The
  search paths are chosen to give high performance.
- run-time configuration files for dvi-drivers and tex+friends.
- a nice set of fonts to play with: PostScript fonts, ams, pandora, cm,
  dc, oldgerman and more. All easily accessible by LaTeX.
- METAPOST included
- the whole distribution can be installed anywhere in the
  filesystem (e.g. /usr/TeX or /usr/local/tex). You do not
  need to set any environment variable as long as you keep
  the original structure of the package.
-----$ ここまで

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